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re/me® Boundary Conditioning is not a formulation that relies on cosmetic ingredients, but a tissue therapy formulation that restores the dynamic equilibrium of the skin when it was healthy by using its own moisture that would have evaporated and nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, active peptides, enzymes) contained in raw materials.


The same proprietary technology used in re/me® eCO2 Paste enables moisture and nutrients to be instantly retained in the stratum corneum.


The moisture and nutrients that would otherwise evaporate from the stratum corneum replenish the natural lamentation of the skin, and the product is designed to care for both the "constantly changing nature" and the "property of minimizing change" of the boundary of the human body.


In addition, by applying it immediately after using re/me® eCO2 Paste, it can be used for various types of care while preventing evaporation (evaporating water and carbon dioxide gas).

re/me® Boundary Conditioning

  • 30ml

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